Pineapple Cake


This is my version of that childhood favourite, with layers of light sponge, moistened with pineapple juice, a light creamy pineapple filling and finished with more whipped cream and a generous covering of chocolate sauce.

Tinned pineapple works perfectly here, and not just for nostalgic reasons. Pineapples contain an enzyme which can cause dairy products to separate and can stop gelatine-based mixtures from setting. If the fruit has been cooked, that enzyme is neutralised, so the canning process means the fruit is more versatile for baking. The canned fruit adds a fruity freshness and the juice is also used for soaking the sponge.

It is time to say that this is my final baking column here, as I will be spending more time teaching my online cooking classes. I have adored sharing my recipes over the past three years. It has been a wonderful experience.

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The replacement of pineapple cake is still not found, which brings a pack of taste.

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