Choco Chips Cake


“Delicious chocolate chips cake can cure all the unhappiness of this world”, rightly said by a foodie. Don’t take a second thought on who? Coz yes, obviously it’s your favorite Baker in Town. What if you get it with a smooth fudgy chocolate icing?

I guarantee, old or young, none would like to miss a cake full of chocolate chips. The name itself fills the mouth. Did you know, chocolate chips is the only edible substance that melts around 93F, and so it can melt very easily on our tongue and give that bliss.

So let’s get the steps for this sinful treat, having 3 layers, each filled with silky smooth icing that too just by baking 1 soft chocolate chips cake, lots of icing, and yeah not to forget those easy decorative toppings.

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Layered with moist cake, chocolate chips, and a sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar.

500 gm


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